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The Day We Found Out

    My husbands many years with me came into focus. It was like a light went up above his head and he said “uh, huh”, everything since highschool has made sense.

    For me it was more like, “I knew my thought process was not normal”!But then I started getting upset. Why me? Who am I? Who was I? And is there really a me in there that is more ‘Even Steven’?

    I have been depressed for years up or high for years. I’m social and do crazy things at moments crazy sexual or just looking for a dangerous situation to happily throw myself into. I leave an aftermath of destruction, I have been told. Why haven’t the people closest to me ever noticed? Why have I been on a floss string barely holding my life together?

    Looking at me and the life I have you would never notice ALL THE CRAZY in my brain.

How have you felt when you found out you had bipolar?